Field Trips

Participate in a unique learning experience at Pizza Italia!

Treat your group to a behind-the-scenes pizzeria tour, including an interactive pizza-making demo! You will get a glimpse into how our kitchen makes delicious pizzas. This fun, unique opportunity allows everyone the chance to discover how a restaurant really works.

Trip Details

Pizza Italia field trip opportunities are recommended for schools, youth groups, church groups, homeschoolers, girl scouts and boy scouts. Field Trips are held Monday-Thursday before 3:00 pm, or by appointment. We require a minimum of 10 kids to book a tour.

Trip Highlights
  • Menu Education: What They Are & How They’re Used (English Language, Arts and Reading TEKS 110.12, 110.12, 110.14, 110.15 & 110.16)
  • Behind the Scene Look at the Kitchen, Ovens, Mixer, Sheeter, Refrigerators & Walk-In (Science TEKS 112.12 112.13 112.14, 112.15 & 112.16)
  • Pizza Making Demo (Science TEKS 112.12, 112.13, 112.14, 112.15 & 112.16 & Mathematics TEKS 111.3, 111.4, 111.5, 111.6 & 111.7)
Request a Field Trip

Please complete the form below, or contact Terry Basore directly at 210-494-8646 to schedule a tour.